Listening to Hear: The Workbook: Downloadable & Fillable PDF

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Listening to hear is a skills building workbook that will improve connection with ourselves & others. This book is your map of success with communication. Visit sections frequently to repeat the exercises. Your effort will be recognized as you intentionally listen as others share. We are emotional, intuitive beings when we tune in. Let's not fear the intensity of emotions, learning to regulate them. Stop thoughts from entering, that would navigate us to distractions. Keep focus on what is being said verbally & non-verbally. When there is incongruence in the two, look to the non-verbal communication for keys to what the person is really saying. Let it go if you cannot control it, doing what you can with what is within your control. Listen for the other person's perspective & feelings, validating them even if you do not understand what they are experiencing. Avoid giving advice, instead asking open ended questions. Ask for clarification when something offends you, listening for insight. BE & Become a great listener.
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