AI: My Story, The Story AI Tells; Bias & Privacy E-Book

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Everyone needs understanding of AI: Artificial Intelligence. What is it? How does it affect me? What are the privacy and bias concerns for citizens around the world? No person, organization or government is exempt from the coming impact. We need education to ensure humane ethics are followed as AI is implemented. There are limited laws regulating this area of life, and the implications of this is dire. Who is responsible to ensure AI is implemented with fairness? Every single one of us! This book has been written by Alexia Georghiou who brings 25 years of experience & expertise with medical ethics through her work in community mental health & social work. Alexia has served as a HIPAA Privacy Officer and has specific training in Bias. She recently completed the course, ‘AI for Everyone,’ on Coursera, gaining understanding of Artificial Intelligence. Her book combines the ethics of her profession as a counselor and social worker, challenging the reader to think about ethics with AI. All of the frailty of humanity with our conflict, & bias has given artificial intelligence data through our history. This has resulted in an already flawed system. Take our online class here:
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