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We look at the generational workforce and strategy to motivate each cohort and as a team. Over half of workplace conflict is due to generational differences and not having the understanding and tools to solve the complex problems. In this course we share who the generations are in the workplace, motivation strategies for each and how to find common ground.

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Alexia's course, Creativity in Writing: Learning to Work With Your Own Flow, offers instruction with writing prompts taken from her Life Coaching Program. The focus is for those who have technical training, and seek to unblock and flow with an intuitive process. We carry our stress with us and this interferes with our flow. The exercises are meant to be practiced over and over in journaling for skills building. Being in tune with our intuition is a skill that is increasingly necessary to tune out the voices and distractions of our everyday lives! Come write with me. ~Alexia

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This course has been created by Alexia Georghiou who brings  25 years of experience & expertise with medical ethics through her work in community mental health & social work. Alexia has served as a HIPAA Privacy Officer and has specific training in Bias. She recently completed the course, ‘AI for Everyone,’ gaining understanding of Artificial Intelligence. Her course combines the ethics of her profession as a counselor and social worker, challenging the student to think about ethics with AI. All of the frailty of humanity with our conflict, & bias has given artificial intelligence data through our history. This has resulted in an already flawed system. The course is carefully researched with a reference sheet given with all links and resources. 

COVID19 Culture Strategy for Motivating & Managing Your Team rating

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