Listening to hear is a skills building workbook that will improve connection with ourselves & others. 

This book is your map of success with communication.

  • Visit sections frequently to repeat the exercises. Your effort will be recognized as you intentionally listen as others share.
  • We are emotional, intuitive beings when we tune in. Let's not fear the intensity of emotions, learning to regulate them.
  • Stop thoughts from entering, that would navigate us to distractions. Keep focus on what is being said verbally & non-verbally. When there is incongruence in the two, look to the non-verbal communication for keys to what the person is really saying.
  • Let it go if you cannot control it, doing what you can with what is within your control.
  • Listen for the other person's perspective & feelings, validating them even if you do not understand what they are experiencing.
  • Avoid giving advice, instead asking open ended questions.
  • Ask for clarification when something offends you, listening for insight.
  • BE & Become a great listener.

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