Our coalition includes professionals representing the golden standard of

healthy culture development. Values are inherent to people come first.

According to Gallup's book, It's The Manager, it is estimated that the United States is losing at least $960 billion and perhaps as much as $1.2 trillion per year due to low levels of engagement.

Healthy culture increases employee engagement, retention, happiness, & well-being, with sustained profitability.  We are a collective of member businesses, coaches, public figures & consultants who believe in fostering a culture of wellness in our community. All members contract to uphold the golden standard of culture, agreeing to implement specific standards in their leadership. Employees & Customers alike will organically tell the story of your organization when such principles are implemented. 

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“Healthy Culture” which the Coalition defines as the golden standard of business ethics: with positive care for employees, customers, and investors/donors

ROOTS: A Framework for Cultural Belonging 


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