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Simon Sinek reminded us...."what is our why?" I have spent the past year interviewing and meeting with leaders in my community, with a purpose to learn. Why do they do what they do? What makes them effective? They all have one commonality....people. Technology can take off, and it has, and there will remain the common denominator the world, & our teams will continue to be composed of: people. Throughout the courses I took to earn my certificate in Leadership & Management, the Wharton professors continued with this theme: there is human behavior as a variable. Understanding this is a key to being successful in business. In my interactions with coaches of all disciplines, I learned that most have experienced a critical event leading to their transformation to coaching as a profession. We have a story, and as a race of humankind, there is so much we have in common. We need community, a sense of belonging; and finding this is key to our life satisfaction. Storytelling is a way to connect, share, heal; as you need an audience to listen and relate.

Understanding this brings healing from whatever we have experienced in life. Positive Psychology has renamed trauma work as 'post traumatic growth.' From our experiences in life, we learn, tell it, heal, move forward letting it go. Coaches know when to refer to specialists in 10 areas of life. Our question to you will be, which area of life do you want to develop first? If you haven't made a bad decision...keep living....you will. Whatever we face, developing a growth mindset is key to recovery.

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