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I motivate individuals & organizations to improve well-being with inclusion & belonging initiatives improving the overall culture. My passions include building resilience in healthy teams with empathetic conversations leading to innovation strategies, facilitating great customer service, and the ethics & fairness with AI.

To innovate with the current rapidly changing climate of our world, leaders need agility with soft skills. Collaborating in diverse space brings innovation giving your organization a cutting edge advantage. My books, life coaching curriculum, presentations and classes offer tools for personal and professional development fostering greater success in life.

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As a coach & consultant, I bring my background as a mental health therapist & social worker to help others understand human behavior. Across industries we have a need for human connection & to increase understanding of one another's personalities, & quirks. I operate from a strength based approach with Neuroscience & Positive Psychology teaching Soft Skills, Emotional Intelligence, and skills for Leadership. Diversity & Inclusion strategies are in the forefront of thought leadership included in my publications on Substack, My Happiness Page & the AgilEmpath Podcast. I also ascribe to Agile Methodology with integration of work & life to increase life satisfaction. I am here to help you and your team be and feel your best, & I am looking forward to our chat! ~Alexia Georghiou, Founder The Resilient Pathway

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